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Co-author of Chicken Soup to Inspire the Body and Soul ~ Motivation to get over the hump and on the road to a better life (2003), author of Zen in the Art of Survival (2003), Make a Friend of Fear (2000), Meditation in Motion (2001), Life Line (2000), The Gift (2009), Emotions (2009), In Liquid Blue (2005), The Zen of Riding ~ Mind, Body & Bike (2000 & 2001), The Spirit Wolf (2004), Crimson Christmas (2005), The French Connection (2001), Give'em da Boot (2000), and two-time winner of the International Library of Poetry Editor's Choice Award (2006 & 2007), Genvièv's work has been published in best-selling literary series, coffee-table books, leading magazines, publications and newspapers, nationally and internationally.

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Genvièv is also the founder of Spirit Wolf Press, a publishing company dedicated to promoting the preservation of wildlife and wild places, one message at a time. Visit Spirit Wolf Press on the web at:

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