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This work is copyright protected
with the United States Copyright Office:
© Library of Congress 2004 TXu1-240-701
and with the Syndicat National des Auteurs et des Compositeurs:
© SNAC 4-4221

• " Orange Moon "

I had a dream...

I was walking along a red dirt path
On a late fall afternoon
To a giant orange moon.

Like an insect to a flame
Drawn ahead in vain
By the song of laughing crows
And hypnotic orange glow.

The air was fresh, invigorating,
And I was walking briskly
When suddenly I paused, questioning,
And looking all around me,
What all alone I was doing
Among the countryside
Toward an orange moon heading
Without a soul in sight.

The ghostly song of laughing crows
Echoing through the skies,
Seemed to be mocking my demise
Until at last arose,
A subtle rhythm, a familiar prose.

Your light footsteps, by my side treading,
The friendly whisper of your breathing,
And life found all of its meaning,
As your gaze I encountered,
Spirit Wolf, my beloved.

For there could be no purpose higher,
No inspiration brighter,
Than walking briskly by your side
Along a red dirt path
On a late fall afternoon
To a giant orange moon.

© copyright 2004 Genvièv Martin-Bernard. All rights reserved.